Akmola Beton

Limited Liability Partnership

Our motto is: Continous improvement of the company operation is an improvement of the welfare of each worker at the factory.

Akmola Beton LLP Quality policy is aimed to achieve and maintain a high level of activity of the company, satisfying consumers' expectations under rising requirements to the products.

We have defined the basic principles in the approach to quality:

  • We depend on our Customers and study their needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. We timely and regularly provide consumers with test results which exactly meet their requirements by providing high quality test, accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Akmola Beton LLP staff has the greatest impotance at the factory - We work as a team to keep our knowledge and experience. We conduct our business, opening the creative abilities of the staff in the development and introduction of new types of technology and technological development. Involving staff into the quality policy implementation, we support initiatives of each employee to address these goals and look for improvement opportunities; improve their knowledge, experience and expertise; share their experience and knowledge with team members.
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with Suppliers is the base for creation of quality products by improving the quality of raw materials. To achieve this goal, given the human factor, the responsibility of management, technical capabilities and mutually beneficial relationships of all parties intrested in, Akmola Beton LLP intends to influence the quality of works and services through the study and mastery of modern international and domestic experience in quality management.

We understand that to achieve the intended direction of the Quality Policy there are vital factors such as the obligations of employees to follow these regulations and the company's management obligations to implement and improve the effectiveness of all processes in the field of management and production.