We offer You the following types and grades of the cement:

Portland cement ПЦМ500Д0; ПЦ М400Д0; ПЦ М400Д20;

Port land-slag cement ШПЦМ300; ШПЦ М400;

Sulphate-resisting port land cement ССПЦМ400 Д20;


We cooperate with the largest cement producer in Kazakhstan and Russia:

АО «Central Asia Cement»;

Topkinskytsement LLC;

Bukhtarminskaya cementnaya companiya LLP;

Zhambylskaya cementnaya proizvodstvennaya companiya LLP;

Kazakhcement LLP

Rrailway siding and cement storage 2,500 tonnes capacity on the territory enable us to coordinate an efficient storage and shipment of the cement of different types conveniently for you. This is the shipment of different types: bulk delivery or without delivery; in big bags (0.5; 1; 1,5t); bagged both in laminated paper and polypropylene bags.


Cement contacts:

Commercial Director   Groza Alexander Grigoriyevich  8-777-7720598

Sales Manager   Karipbayev Kuat Kapezovich  8-777-5371398