Reinforced concrete products

Manhole for cable-conduit line

Designed for cable pulling and mounting, its repair and monitoring the condition

We produce the following grades





Foundation blocks for basement walls

Designed for basement walls and crawlways of the buildings.

We produce the following grades

ФБС 24-6-6; ФБС 12-5-6; ФБС 9-3-6;
ФБС 24-5-6; ФБС 12-4-6; ФБС 9-4-6;
ФБС 24-4-6; ФБС 12-6-3; ФБС 9-5-6;
ФБС 24-3-6; ФБС 12-5-3; ФБС 9-6-6.
ФБС 12-6-6; ФБС 12-4-3;  

Production Department Contacts:

Production Department Head  Raisbekov Orikbay Dzhenisbayevich  8-777-5371426
Head of Laboratory, Technologist   Taimurzanova Gulzhan Maksutovna 8-705-7490152